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Summer Vacation Itinerary: Keep Austin Weird in Hip Reading Glasses

The capital of the Lone Star State, Austin has long been a mecca for eccentrics who live by their own rules and unapologetically prefer to march to the beat of their own drum. Embracing creativity and originality is what makes this city, proudly, weird. As part of a summer travel itinerary series, we’ve rounded up the top things to see and do in the “Live Music Capital of the World” and the funky reading glasses to look the part of the cultured and indisputably hip Austinite.

Vol. 11 The Top 4 Misconceptions about Reading Glasses

Despite growing in popularity in recent years as the fashion industry has wielded more influence over new designs, reading glasses remain the victims of a few pesky misconceptions. But these mistaken beliefs don’t really stand up to close examination, as we outline below. We’re here to debunk the four most common ones—just to set the record straight as you consider springing for that first (or just a new) pair.

Vol. 10 Make Your Mother’s Day

Chances are you’ll never be able to repay your mother for the things she’s given you: thousands of meals, clothing, spoonfuls of medicine, and a list of axioms—too long to recount—to live by. Not to mention a beating heart. The more you think of it, the more grateful you tend to be for mom. And you may indeed come to this realization: you’ll never be able to get square. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try, though. In fact, you better get to it if you ever intend to put a dent in that lopsided score. But not to worry; we’ve got you covered. Here, we’ve curated some of the top reading glasses gifts for Mother’s Day.

Vol. 8 Greenery: The Flourishing Fashion Trend

The color of the year for 2017 takes a cue from nature, inviting you to revive your style and begin again come spring. When Pantone announced the Color of the Year for 2017, we at Scojo New York were naturally elated. The much-anticipated pick, a yellow-green shade dubbed Greenery, can be found everywhere you look in nature—from backyard gardens to faraway […]

Vol. 6 What to Wear, Anywhere You Go

Whether you are staying in or going out, reading glasses are an essential accessory to keep in your kit—at all times. Like toting a raincoat on long strolls through rain-prone London, or donning a black beret in Paris, there are certain everyday situations that reading glasses are perfectly suited to—no matter where you live, work, or travel. Scroll down to see some the best spots to […]

Vol. 4 Fall Fashion – Autumn Hues

In which Scojo New York introduces the versatile—and invigorating—hues to transition into autumn in style. Fall, perhaps the most aptly-named season—when the thermometer’s merciless mercury makes its last acceptable dip before winter—is officially here, and in full color. With summer in the books, its final sunset nudged just over the horizon, we at Scojo New York are a tinge wistful for poolside paperbacks […]

Vol. 3 Featured Frame – The Carroll Street

In which Scojo New York highlights the Carroll Street—a handcrafted reading frame at the forefront of fashion.  The Carroll Street reading frame, since the release of the original model, has earned an inordinate amount of attention—even for Scojo New York. This is due, perhaps, to its butterfly-inspired silhouette—which, no doubt, wins a bounty of style points. Or, another line of […]