The Resolution You Can See

A new year means it’s time for new year’s resolutions, so make the ultimate resolution to protect your eyes with Gels BluLite! Do you use a smartphone or laptop on a daily basis? If so, chances are you are being exposed to blue light. What’s blue light, you may ask? Blue light is a harmful ray emitted from computer monitors, smartphones, tablets, T.V.s, and the sun. Exposure to blue light may contribute to dry eyes, headaches and migraines, blurred vision, and eye fatigue — but don’t fret! Instead of risking continued adverse effects, make it a priority in 2018 to protect your eyes with Gels BluLite protective glasses by Scojo New York.

These stylish readers are perfect for everyday use, featuring two designs in chic colors paired with the masterful engineering of a protective, ophthalmic-quality lens to help filter out dangerous blue light rays. Our Gels BluLite Bookman and Gels BluLite Courier stand out as fashion-forward glasses with preventative capabilities.

The Bookman exudes sophisticated style in the form of a rectangular-shaped frame that’s versatile for either men or women, in a matte finish available in black or amazon green.


Universal and stylish, the Courier offers a modern twist of harbor blue and tortoise in a rounded silhouette with a keyhole bridge.


Both of these TR-90 surgical grade plastic glasses create a statement-making style and behold the dual capability of helping to protect against the harmful effects of blue light. Available in 8 different powers or in a non-prescription plano lens, Gels BluLite is a must-have accessory for everyone.

As the new year has begun, it’s wise to look ahead at healthy changes that can be easily implemented. Gels BluLite readers can make a beneficial impact on your everyday activity and habits by reducing the strain on your eyes and promoting long-term eye health. Why continue to risk negative effects when stylish protection is available now?

In 2018, manage your eye health without ditching your style. Get the revolutionary glasses here.

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