Check These Frames Off Your List

Searching for the perfect present is now made easy with Scojo New York. Find readers that complement any member of your family. From your kids to that crazy aunt of yours, we have you covered this holiday season.



Courier BluLite– Son/Daughter

Struggling to find the perfect gift for your kids? Look no further than the Gels BluLite Courier this holiday season! A contemporary beauty for either your son or daughter, they will surely appreciate the preventative BluLite technology as well its availability in non-prescription lenses. Now tell them to get off their phones!


Devoe Street– Stylish friend

Everyone has that one friend, stylish with ease while making everyone else look like a slob. Don’t fret, Scojo New York has the ideal gift to meet your fashion-forward friend’s standards- the Devoe Street. This trendy frame will complement the “they make it look so easy” friend that we all have.


Roxbury Street– Loud Aunt Becky

I bet you can already hear her. And you don’t even need to ask- she’ll be at your house this holiday season. What will calm her down? The Roxbury Street from Scojo New York will do just the trick. The eye-catching frames have the ability to halt even her most bothersome rants.


Baxter Street- Partner

Show your partner love with the Baxter Street. An aesthetically pleasing frame, that’s poised to not only delight but also serve as a versatile reader. The frame features an elegant color combination of red merlot temples and a bold black front. Check it off your list as soon as you can!


Whitaker Street– Brother

The Mr. Prescott Whitaker is an idyllic gift for the reliable brother in your life. He has always been there for you, so he deserves the gift that will always be there for him. Handsome Bourbon colored acetate couples seamlessly with a bold-shaped frame for a gift he won’t forget. 



Shop all frames here. 

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