What Your Coffee Says About Your Style

Whether you procure your daily dose of caffeine from the local barista or you brew favorite blend at home, your preferred cup of coffee—in addition to helping you coast through the daily grind—says a lot about your style. We invite you to kickstart a new look with the help of our coffee-focused style guide. Read on to find out what your go-to cup says about your taste in reading glasses.

Café Americano

Made by pouring hot water over a shot—or two—of pure espresso, the Café Americano is a no-nonsense way to start the day. It may look a bit like standard drip coffee, but it is so much more: an Americano, expertly crafted, is filled to the brim with caffeine and retains the sharp taste of espresso, just with a slightly lighter body. We recommend pairing it up with the Broad Street. The thinned-out tortoise acetate and lightweight silver temples work in harmony to deliver a classic and crisp style with a nearly weightless feel. 

– Fuel Your Focus – broad_st_1180_front_print.jpgBroad Street


Coconut Milk Latte

There might not be a more refreshing coffee drink than a coconut milk latte. Quickly becoming the most popular non-dairy option for coffee-lovers, coconut milk is utterly delicious, delivering a naturally sweet flavor and a welcome change-up to your morning routine. If you’re sweet on this rejuvenating drink, the Francesca Lane is the perfect pair for you. It features luscious white and tropical blue acetate made to brighten up your appearance, and a cat-eye silhouette with cut-out detailing that is daring—but definitely flattering.

– Refresh Your Style –
francesca_ln_1202_front_printFrancesca Lane


Black Coffee

Hold the cream and sugar. If you prefer your brew in its purest form—unadorned and minimalistic—it’s because black coffee works for you, and always has. Besides, if you ever feel inspired to make a (rather subtle) adjustment, you can always alternate between the many traditional ways of preparing it: french press, pour-over, drip, etc.

Gels, the first ultra-lightweight reading glasses and the brand’s staple style for decades, are just what you need if you prefer original products you can count on. And like black coffee, you can try them in variety of reprisals (we now offer close to twenty distinct colors and finishes)! And all Gels offer the same flattering silhouette and ultra-lightweight TR-90 surgical-plastic construction our customers have relied on to see clearly since day one.

Nothing Beats the Original –



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