Summer Vacation Itinerary: Our Favorite Reading Glasses and Sunglasses for Miami Beach

One of America’s best coastal resort towns, Miami Beach is one of the hottest summer destinations in the world. With its endless supply of smile-inducing sunshine and miles of pristine beach, there’s no wonder tourists flock to this palm-tree paradise. But there’s more to the city than the usual suspects of sand and sunshine. Below, we’ve listed the top three places to visit—from neighborhoods with a notable heritage to Miami Beach’s take on the modern food truck craze—paired with the reading glasses and sunglasses you’ll want to keep tethered within reach.


Art Deco Historic District 

Miami Beach’s Art Deco Historic District has been on the National Register of Historic Places since 1979. Claiming the largest collection of the Art Deco architecture in the world, the neighborhood contains 960 historical buildings, all well-preserved. Whether you stroll the local streets afoot or by car, you’ll have to navigate your way through unfamiliar terrain—which means you’ll have to rely on that hard-to-see smart phone screen. To do so, you’ll want to wear the Roxbury Street to keep your bearings.

– A Dose of Color – 


Roxbury Street


Miami Beach Food Truck Fest

A more modern cultural phenomenon, the Miami Beach Food Truck Fest—located in the North Shore Bandshell of Ocean Terrace—confirms just how popular the meals-on-wheels phenomenon has become. In a city known for having some of the most deluxe sea food in the states, you can rest assured knowing you’ll find something delicious and local. Wear the Bleeker Street Sun with non-magnification lenses to keep your style fresh, too.

– The Latest Obession 


Bleeker Street Sun


Seas the Day

A trip to a beach haven without setting out for sea would be a missed opportunity. Whether sailing is more your style or you choose to cast out for that prize marlin, you would be well-advised to head for the horizon. Make your deep-sea dreams a reality and look the part of the prize-winning fisherman with the Sport SZ in Dark Gunmetal. It’s a sporty, nautical look that will protect your eyes from harmful UV rays and and sharpen up your vision with bifocal-style sunglass lenses.

– Set Sail in Style – 


Sport SZ – Dark Gunmetal

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