What Do Your Reading Glasses Say about You?

While the main function of reading glasses is to help you see better from close-range, the particular style you choose, whether you’re aware of it or not, says a lot about you. Like any good fashion accessory, readers should reflect your personality and help tie together an entire outfit. With more styles than we can count (after all, new releases are rather regular around here), Scojo New York aims to provide you with a multitude of options to find the pair that most astutely matches your disposition. To get you started, we’ve gone ahead and identified a few of our most distinguished pairs and the personality types they are best suited to.

Highbrow Meets High-Fashion

For those whose love of fashion is matched only by their love of books, the cat-eye frame—made popular during the middle of 20th-century and adopted by movie stars and bookworms alike—is a fitting selection. This vintage feline-inspired style is characterized by its softly upswept brow, a sophisticated and sexy feature, if we dare say so. We recommend the McKenzie in Burgundy Port, a full-bodied blend of timeless style and ample attitude. Sound like anyone you know? We thought so.

– Elevate Your Look –



Well-Rounded and Well-Read

An iconic and smart addition to your everyday wardrobe, round-frame reading glasses are a staple among intellectuals. The circular silhouette is synonymous with being rather cerebral and having cultivated an all-encompassing perspective. The Baxter Street, specifically—a favorite from the Tribeca Collection—takes the look full-circle with vintage-inspired dual-pin detailing that will imbue you with the look of distinction that has characterized bright thinkers throughout history.

– Smart Styling – 


Baxter Street – Web Exclusive!

The Colorful Personality

Artsy, creative, independent—this person has committed themselves to taking the road less (or, perhaps, never before) taken. Still, despite playing by their own rules and taking bold risks, they’ve made it work for them with a steadfast loyalty to the unique style of their own making. Look the part of the whimsical—but always on point—personality with the polished and multi-colored Merriam Avenue.

– Dare to Stand Out – 


Merriam Avenue

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