Visualizing Your Summer Vacation

Whether your ideal getaway calls you to explore new frontiers or hit the spa for some (much needed) decompression, our wanderlust-inducing flowchart will take you to the summer destination of your dreams. Scroll down to find your perfect getaway—and the reading glasses you should pack in your bag to be fully prepared.


The Morris Sun: Ballooning in Albuquerque, New Mexico

The capital city of the “Land of Enchantment” is the cultural hub of New Mexico and one of the most vibrant cities in the southwest United States. With its breathtaking scenery—famously captured by the modernist artist Georgia O’Keefe—there’s no wonder Albuquerque has become one of the most exciting ballooning destinations in the world. There’s going to be plenty of sunshine, though, so you’ll want to bring along some 100% UV protective reading sunglasses to keep your eyes safe, and take your style game to new heights.MORRIS SUN_ANTICRYSTAL_Front



The Broad Street: Williamsburg, VA

For history buffs, there might be no better location to loaf around than Williamsburg, VA. This old-colonial town on the eastern seaboard is steeped in history and is home to over a dozen museums, including the International Spy Museum and Ripley’s Believe It or Not. When you’re perusing the latest exhibits, having your Scojo New York reading glasses on hand will be key. We recommend going with the Broad Street, a stylish and resilient pair made of tortoiseshell acetate and stainless steel. It offers classic style with the contemporary updates you can count on.




Athena Place: Sightseeing in Athens Greece

The Athena Place: it’s a no-brainer for Greece, right? But going beyond the perfect union between name and destination, this fabulously feminine cat-eye reader radiates glamor in mesmerizing Black Stardust acetate—reminiscent of a gaze into the cosmos on a cloudless Athens night. Available in a range of ready-to-wear powers, this pair has adjustable steel-core temples—so you get the perfect fit—and reliable five-barrel hinges. The signature Scojo New York semicolon is embossed on the left temple tip.AthenaPlace_frontview.jpg



Liberty Sun: Snorkeling in Grand Cayman

If your idea of a summer vacation means fun in the sun, then the place to go in 2017 is Grand Cayman. Take a plunge into paradise with some of the most coveted scuba and snorkeling spots around. And as you won’t be underwater the whole time, we recommend carrying the Liberty Sun and something to read for the trip out. The latest in high-fashion reading sun wear, the Liberty Sun will allow you to dive into that new novel without worrying about squinting or the sun harming your eyes while you’re submerged in the text.LIBERTY SUN_PURPLE BROWN_Front.jpg



Pearson Street: Blue Lagoon in Iceland

Located in a lava field in Grindavík on the Reykjanes Peninsula of southwestern Iceland, the Blue Lagoon geothermal spa is one of the most visited attractions in the region. The water temperature in the bathing and swimming area of the lagoon averages a steamy 37–75 °C (99–167 °F), and the view is unbelievable. When your mud mask isn’t on, the Pearson Street reading frame, which has been handcrafted from high-grade Atlantic Blue rubberized stainless steel, will sharpen up your vision—and your look.

PEARSON ST._1199_front_PRINT.jpg



Howard Sun: Fishing in Alaska

Alaska is perhaps the ultimate destination for fishing aficionados, and boasts some of the most scenic—and plentiful—waters to drop anchor. We recommend you pack a pair of reading sunglasses for the journey, which will no doubt come in handy for navigation purposes. With a dynamic blue transparent front and coordinating blue tortoise temples, the Howard Sun was practically made for spending time on the sea.





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