Greenery: The Flourishing Fashion Trend

The color of the year for 2017 takes a cue from nature, inviting you to revive your style and begin again come spring.

When Pantone announced the Color of the Year for 2017, we at Scojo New York were naturally elated. The much-anticipated pick, a yellow-green shade dubbed Greenery, can be found everywhere you look in nature—from backyard gardens to faraway forests—as well as in the avocados and matcha powder piling up in your kitchen cupboard. The shade itself suggests well-being, renewal, and revitalization—so it nicely harmonizes with the mode of self-expression that we are always reimagining: fashion.

A lush color perpetually on the periphery, Greenery is best used as a zesty accent tone. And as we note below, it has been artfully applied to a number of our ready-to-wear reading glasses. Here, we identify a few of the Scojo New York readers featuring this vivacious color. We invite you, beginning now, to turn over a new leaf and revive your style with this flourishing fashion trend.


Ripe for the Picking: The Orchard Street

A bestselling Tribeca Collection style, the Orchard Street renews a vintage-inspired butterfly shape with a sophisticated swooping brow. The dual-rivet detailing is a striking design touch invoked from retro fashion. Handcrafted from premium acetate dotted with vivacious tones of honey and tangerine, the Orchard Street is equipped with jade temples that accentuate an earthy shade of Greenery on the frame front.




Contemporary and Classic: Gels Wideline

Gels Wideline, a timeless reading frame with a rimless construction, is a classic model that never goes out of style. The Greenery-inspired temples, handcrafted from premium acetate, unite incomparable comfort and the year’s defining color—making this pair more relevant now than ever. Wear it at the cafe or the restaurant and watch your tally of compliments grow.




Bookish and Bold: The Edgar Street

The Edgar Street, a distinctly bookish and bold reading frame, features a rich and versatile tortoise front. Its interior, a vivid and eye-catching green, is a daring design feature at the forefront of fashion. Together, the two create a striking color juxtaposition that appeals to everyone. If you’re looking to revitalize your wardrobe, the always-expressive Edgar Street is the right place to start.



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