What to Wear, Anywhere You Go

Whether you are staying in or going out, reading glasses are an essential accessory to keep in your kit—at all times.

Like toting a raincoat on long strolls through rain-prone London, or donning a black beret in Paris, there are certain everyday situations that reading glasses are perfectly suited to—no matter where you live, work, or travel. Scroll down to see some the best spots to proudly wear your Scojo New York readers. You’re likely to find out there are (very) few places where carrying them on your person isn’t a good idea—in terms of function and fashion.

The Coffee Shop Staple

The smell of espresso alone has the power to turn your mind into a well-oiled turbine of thought, without so much as a sip. And once you’ve indulged, the subsequent caffeine buzz—that instantaneous shift into high gear—makes the coffee house a great place to while away an afternoon with that new novel and, of course, your premium reading eyewear. But the java and the aroma are just two of sensory stimulants at this sanctuary of productivity. What really keeps you coming back to the cafe, if we’re being honest, is the overall aesthetic of the place. So, keep your look tastefully on point, and your vision clear, with the casually cool and refined Crosby Street from the Tribeca Collection. It should be your coffee shop staple.


The Crosby Street

At Work: Office Style

Gone are the days of wearing suits to your nine-to-five job (for most of us, anyway)—but that doesn’t mean that you should throw your office style out the door (even if you aren’t dressing to the nines anymore). Like a versatile pair of Oxford shoes, reading glasses can transform your workplace wardrobe with ease. We recommend Gels—in any of their myriad variations and colors—because they are supremely lightweight (handcrafted from TR-90 surgical plastic) and offer a timeless look that is always appropriate—whether it’s casual Friday or you’re sporting a blazer around the office. Alternatively, go for the Murray Street to stand out to your boss. Or, if you are the boss, it will help you look the part.


Gels Tortoise


The Murray Street


At Home: Comfort is in Style

Whether you are checking email, skimming recipes, or diving into a New York Times best-selling book over the weekend, chances are you spend at least part of your time at home in the act of reading, either in print or digital format (that’s assuming you aren’t spending ALL of it binge-watching the latest Netflix special). Keep things classy with the Edgar Street, new from the Tribeca Collection, without ever leaving your place of residence. Handcrafted from premium acetate in a bookish shape, this pair is incredibly elegant, lightweight and comfortable. Whoever said staying in couldn’t be stylish?


The Edgar Street


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