Gels (AKA The Staple Style)

In which the unique features of the bestselling Gels collection are examined up close.

Scojo New York is home to myriad collections of premium reading eyewear, and we are proud of the craftsmanship and quality that distinguish our product from the pack. With an advanced composition and a classic silhouette, Gels have earned a reputation as the world’s most stylish and versatile readers, worn by women and men from countless careers (from television journalists to professional football coaches, and everyone in between). There are too many reasons why Gels have a leg up on the competition to list them all, but we’ve jotted down a few. So scroll down to find out why you need to make Gels your next pair of reading glasses.


Innovation: TR-90 Surgical Plastic

The temples, bridge, and nose pads on every Gels style have been handcrafted from TR-90 surgical plastic. A revolutionary material engineered for extreme strength and durability, this innovation has created the lightest composition in reading eyewear. In fact, they’re so lightweight you’ll forget you’re wearing them. TR-90 allows you to read on with incomparable comfort, so you can work through that book faster than ever.


Gels Midnight


Supreme Style: Compression Mounting, Flattering Silhouette

The classic appeal of Gels is in the rimless silhouette—a timeless look that adds sophistication to your own personal style. The shape of the lenses is a soft rectangle, which is universally flattering—no matter what shape your face is. The compression mounting system used in Gels is another example of Scojo New York’s cutting-edge innovation. It’s durable and minimalist—and helps to create that refined, no-nonsense aesthetic of Gels.


Gels Tortoise


See More Clearly: Distortion-Free Lenses

Gels aren’t just known for their looks and innovation. They’re known for their quality, too. Equipped with distortion-free lenses, these premium readers allow a level of visual clarity that you would expect from prescription glasses. And they’re available in a range of ready-to-wear powers, so you can get just the right level of magnification. Shown here in a Gels Manhattan—a cosmopolitan and optical-quality Gels reading frame—these lenses are a huge improvement from ordinary reading glasses. When you put them on, you’ll see the difference.


Gels Manhattan


Contemporary Color

Gels readers are available in colors that span the spectrum, so you can personalize your own style, or match your reading glasses to your favorite outfits. While tortoise and midnight (black) are perennial best sellers, Gels keeps on eye on color trends to offer you the most contemporary options—including the classy metallic pearl and rich metallic teal (shown below). Show your true colors with dozens of hues to choose from.


Gels Metallic



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