Fall Fashion – Autumn Hues

In which Scojo New York introduces the versatile—and invigorating—hues to transition into autumn in style.

Fall, perhaps the most aptly-named season—when the thermometer’s merciless mercury makes its last acceptable dip before winter—is officially here, and in full color. With summer in the books, its final sunset nudged just over the horizon, we at Scojo New York are a tinge wistful for poolside paperbacks and the like. Still, there is no need to tiptoe towards the impending atmospheric modulation with the usual doom and gloom.

Indeed, autumn is the most visually interesting season here on earth—transforming drab green forests into crimson-suffused canvasses dotted with shades of amber, scarlett, and marmalade. Pair that with a light, but tonic, breeze and it is the most refreshing time of the year, too. Is there a better feeling than cozying up blanket-wrapped on the couch with a leather-bound book, made crystal-clear with a new pair of premium reading eyewear, and sipping hot chai tea? We think not.

When it comes to transitioning with the seasons, none do it better than Gels and the Tribeca Collection. So scroll down to see the most versatile styles—and sync up with the new season in Scojo New York’s vivacious autumn hues.


Bronze: Traditional and Trendsetting

Gels Metallic, the latest addition to the coveted Gels Collection, shimmers in an array of lustrous color options —but this fall, bronze is a must (and not just in light of the recently-concluded Olympic Games in Rio). Bronze is a neutral tone that, second-to-none, pairs well with just abour every color (sorry silver and gold). Handmade from revolutionary TR-90 surgical-grade plastic, Gels Metallic premium reading frames are ultra-lightweight, durable, and incomparably comfortable, so go ahead and pack them for your trip to the pumpkin patch.


Gels Metallic – Bronze


Two-tone: Classic and Crisp

Typifying timeless and classic design, the rectangular-frame Lewis Street is handcrafted from premium two-tone acetate —a crisp looks that looks particularly sharp during this quarter of the year. Tortoiseshell and pale gold pair up with a keyhole bridge—a staple look for professors and serious businessmen alike. Available in eight ready-to-wear powers, the Lewis Street features optical-quality lenses and a scratch-resistant coating.


Lewis Street

Seasonal Patterns

The Cassidy Place, an eye-catching new Tribeca Collection style, flaunts the most exotic acetate (appropriately named Serengeti Sunset) Scojo New York has ever dared invent. Its earthy palette encompasses the season’s most rare hues, and the temples are sunset orange—autumn’s most dramatic color. Handcrafted in a flattering feminine shape, the Cassidy Place is at the forefront of fall’s most fashionable accessories—and with durable five-barrel hinges, you can expect to wear them long after the season’s gone.


Cassidy Place


Mustard Gold: Peak Season, Peak Style

The Gels Manhattan – Mustard is redolent of autumn foliage at its peak, producing the most vibrant amber hue you’ll see along the highway on a scenic early-October drive. This pair is handcrafted from TR-90 surgical plastic, a lightweight and flexible material that ensures just the right fit. With a soft matte texture and dual-pin detailing, this cosmopolitan frame is a must-have style, featuring optical-quality lenses and a scratch-resistant coating.


Gels Manhattan – Mustard


Timeless Tortoiseshell

The stylish and sturdy Broad Street is an innovative pair of reading eyewear in a classic square shape. Handcrafted from premium tortoiseshell acetate, this resilient combination frame features stainless steel temples that are capped with acetate tips for supreme comfort. Available in eight ready-to-wear powers, the Broad Street is a robust style that transcends the seasons.


Broad Street

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