Featured Frame – The Carroll Street

In which Scojo New York highlights the Carroll Street—a handcrafted reading frame at the forefront of fashion.

 The Carroll Street reading frame, since the release of the original model, has earned an inordinate amount of attention—even for Scojo New York. This is due, perhaps, to its butterfly-inspired silhouette—which, no doubt, wins a bounty of style points. Or, another line of reasoning goes, it has to do with the quality of the acetate. Whatever the reason (maybe you could jot down your opinion in the comments section), the Carroll Street has only become more popular as its last two iterations, both of which flaunt fierce color combinations, have been released to radiant reviews. Here, we showcase the bestselling model, worn by the best-dressed booklovers the world over.


The latest iteration of the chart-topping Scojo New York style, the Carroll Street – Web Exclusive renews the original design with a wild new color option: Peacock Plumage/Emerald. Handcrafted from premium acetate, this cosmopolitan butterfly-inspired reader brims with sophistication and charm. Available in several ready-to-wear powers, the Carroll Street – Web Exclusive will add flair to your reading routine.






While the most recent reprise of the Carroll Street has speedily soared to the top (whoever said peacocks can’t fly high?), the originals, shown below, have not descended in popularity. Indeed, they too remain at the pinnacle of contemporary reading style—featuring timeless tortoise acetates that have plenty of panache. These pairs alone typify Scojo New York’s contemporary look, and capture the essence of what the collection is all about.


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