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Vol. 8 Greenery: The Flourishing Fashion Trend

Posted by WP on Jan 4, 2017 9:57:28 AM

The color of the year for 2017 takes a cue from nature, inviting you to revive your style and begin again come spring.

When Pantone announced the Color of the Year for 2017, we at Scojo New York were naturally elated. The much-anticipated pick, a yellow-green shade dubbed Greenery, can be found everywhere you look in nature—from backyard gardens to faraway forests—as well as in the avocados and matcha powder piling up in your kitchen cupboard. The shade itself suggests well-being, renewal, and revitalization—so it nicely harmonizes with the mode of self-expression that we are always reimagining: fashion.

A lush color perpetually on the periphery, Greenery is best used as a zesty accent tone. And as we note below, it has been artfully applied to a number of our ready-to-wear reading glasses. Here, we identify a few of the Scojo New York readers featuring this vivacious color. We invite you, beginning now, to turn over a new leaf and revive your style with this flourishing fashion trend.

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Vol. 7 Holiday Gift Guide

Posted by WP on Dec 2, 2016 11:48:23 AM

With the Scojo New York Holiday Gift Guide, picking the right present has never been easier.

The best gifts are the ones you use time and time again. But when it comes to giving, you can't always be sure what will be cherished, let alone put to use, by those friends and family members you have thoughtfully bestowed gifts upon. To make sure you don't give dad—or that co-worker you randomly drew in your office's variation of Secret Santa—a dud, we have created a guide to help you navigate through the often opaque and disorienting blizzard of holiday shopping and arrive at that perfect gift. (After all: it's not like Santaor his ensemble of elves and reindeer—is going to be of any help, right?)

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Vol. 6 What to Wear, Anywhere You Go

Posted by WP on Nov 8, 2016 10:21:40 AM

Whether you are staying in or going out, reading glasses are an essential accessory to keep in your kit—at all times.

Like toting a raincoat on long strolls through rain-prone London, or donning a black beret in Paris, there are certain everyday situations that reading glasses are perfectly suited to—no matter where you live, work, or travel. Scroll down to see some the best spots to proudly wear your Scojo New York readers. You're likely to find out there are (very) few places where carrying them on your person isn't a good idea—in terms of function and fashion.

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Vol. 5 Gels - The Staple Style

Posted by WP on Oct 24, 2016 11:41:46 AM

In which the unique features of the bestselling Gels collection are examined up close.

Scojo New York is home to myriad collections of premium reading eyewear, and we are proud of the craftsmanship and quality that distinguish our product from the pack. With an advanced composition and a classic silhouette, Gels have earned a reputation as the world's most stylish and versatile readers, worn by women and men from countless careers (from television journalists to professional football coaches, and everyone in between). There are too many reasons why Gels have a leg up on the competition to list them all, but we've jotted down a few. So scroll down to find out why you need to make Gels your next pair of reading glasses.

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Vol. 4 Fall Fashion - Autumn Hues

Posted by WP on Sep 20, 2016 12:18:23 PM

In which Scojo New York introduces the versatileand invigoratinghues to transition into autumn in style.

Fall, perhaps the most aptly-named season—when the thermometer's merciless mercury makes its last acceptable dip before winter—is officially here, and in full color. With summer in the books, its final sunset nudged just over the horizon, we at Scojo New York are a tinge wistful for poolside paperbacks and the like. Still, there is no need to tiptoe towards the impending atmospheric modulation with the usual doom and gloom.

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Vol. 3 Featured Frame - The Carroll Street

Posted by WP on Aug 10, 2016 10:29:04 AM

In which Scojo New York highlights the Carroll Street—a handcrafted reading frame at the forefront of fashion.

 The Carroll Street reading frame, since the release of the original model, has earned an inordinate amount of attention—even for Scojo New York. This is due, perhaps, to its butterfly-inspired silhouette—which, no doubt, wins a bounty of style points. Or, another line of reasoning goes, it has to do with the quality of the acetate. Whatever the reason (maybe you could jot down your opinion in the comments section), the Carroll Street has only become more popular as its last two iterations, both of which flaunt fierce color combinations, have been released to radiant reviews. Here, we showcase the bestselling model, worn by the best-dressed booklovers the world over.

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Vol. 2 Style Advice - The Literary Look

Posted by WP on Jul 7, 2016 2:27:42 PM

In which Scojo New York explicates the key eyewear features that typify the literary look.

Whether you scribble in a diary daily, steep yourself in leather-bound books, or just take pride in being a highbrow bookworm, chances are you channel your literary sensibility in one form or another. One such way—which is slightly less demanding than writing the next great American novel—is astonishingly simple: adopt the literary style.

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Vol. 1 Welcome

Posted by WP on Jul 7, 2016 10:30:05 AM

In which Scojo New York introduces The Manual of Style—the guide to style for the bookish and sophisticated

Welcome to The Manual of Style, Scojo New York's staff-operated journal dedicated to explicating the latest eyewear trends and publishing insights about iconic style for those with literary sensibilities.

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